Thursday, April 2, 2015

Pins and Needles

The places I stumble across on the interwebs these days... Looking up advice about needle types for sewing silk (mine was blunt, I ended up just sewing over sandpaper to sharpen it),  I came across an article called A Pin For Every Purpose by Threads Magazine. My pin selection in the past has always been about what was the cheapest, and sometimes included some novelty pinheads just for fun. I’ve always wanted a cushion full of pearl-head pins, but when it comes down to purchasing the plain steel ones, being half the price, win out every time. Anyway, sewing nerd that I am, I found this article very interesting. Maybe you will too?

At the bottom of the page is a pincushion gallery, and an extra subheading asks, “Why the tomato?”. Yes, why do we have pincushions in the shape of tomatoes? Apparently a tomato on a mantelpiece of a new home was said to ward of evil spirits and bring good luck, and people in their European homes didn’t have fresh tomatoes year round so improvised with little red pouches filled with sawdust. A perfect spot to keep loose pins or needles.  I love this sort of domestic history.

So, in honor of the Tomato Pin Cushion, here’s my Etsy picks for today:

Janet Wecker-Frisch Tomato Pincushion Fabric
by KnitOneQuiltTwo

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