Thursday, June 11, 2015

My life in baskets

Ok, real talk time.

When I'm busy our house goes to the crapper. Despite having a reputation for being organised, organisation really only stands up as long as I don't have different sewing projects on the go and a big blue bin bag of fabric I just bought sitting in the middle of the loungeroom floor because I don't have any surfaces left.

In quiet times, I have a system. Beads, threads, paints and lace all have their own place in separate baskets in my amazing wall-sized oak cupboard. I love this cupboard, and its storage capacity is huge. However, this storage system is static. It doesn't take into account the fluctuation levels of mending or alterations, the influx of fabric and the outgoing of kimonos, or the surface area that little spraypainted dinosaurs take to dry.

The first pic in the series below are the baskets in the cupboard. These work. These baskets are nicely organised and come in and out of the cupboard as I need them.

The second picture is where things start to go awry. You can see that the baskets here are neatly lined up on top of the cupboard. The white basket holds wool and knitting needles.  The last basket? Well that's overflowing with mending right now.

Then there's the basket that has appeared next to my overlocker. The top layer is dedicated to my design scribbles. Who knows what is down the bottom anymore? Then the big washing basket that held finished stock, and unsewn trimming, then grew a basket appendage to hold fabric, which didn't quite ever make it into the other basket with the rest of the fabric...

And the worst of all of them? The "paperwork" basket. Complete with old magazines, a luggage tag and several pink balloons leftover from a bridal shower last year.

So, here is my life. In baskets. Perhaps I need to dedicate some time to sorting them all out, before I add to the mess and do even more crafting? Or maybe I can just get a giant basket to put all the other baskets in...

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