Thursday, July 16, 2015

All aboard the flower-crown bandwagon!

Today I was making these custom tiger lily flower headbands for an upcoming wedding and dreaming about where, when and how I could feasibly wear one myself. I'm all for jumping on the flower-crown bandwagon, but the trouble is I don't go to festivals anymore, and I'm no longer a dreadlocked, tie-dyed hippy. I don't live next to the beach anymore, where I was routinely barefoot with flowers in my hair. I'm trying to figure out how I can incorporate large flower arrangements on my head in my daily life here in Amsterdam. Can I go full-blown Boho here? Flower crowns and kimonos and lace and maxi dresses?  I guess I can, at least until winter comes. It's much harder to dress Boho when you have to wear a puffa jacket to stay warm!

Would it surprise you that this is one of the main reasons I have for wanting to move back to Australia? In fact, apart from the regular desire to be close to my loved ones, this is the biggest reason left! I love wearing dresses. And being a little bit hippy. And not having to think about if my flower-crown matches my black winter boots! Sigh. The struggles of living in Europe ;-)

Anyway, here is one of the headbands (four matching) I made for the flower girls. Lucky things. Maybe someone will ask me to be a flower girl in their wedding so that I can wear one too?

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