Monday, February 8, 2016

Babies, bunnies and brides

It appears to be baby season ‘round these parts! At least three special ladies in my life have each had new lovely baby boys, and so that means crafting time!

I have a whole swathe of “secret boards” in my Pinterest account. I LOVE secret boards. I have secret boards for collecting specific health tips and research, specific boards for current house projects or shopping lists, and, of course, a top-secret Present Ideas board, which is where I collect all of those great ideas you stumble across and just know they’d be great for a certain someone, except that certain someone avidly follows your Pinterest account so you can’t pin it publicly...

Anyway, I had pinned this adorable Mooshy Belly Bunny pattern from the blog Chez Beeper Bebe in anticipation of baby season, and was excited to get sewing to bring these little cuties to life. This is such a sweet pattern, and easy to make, although I certainly wasn’t as quick as Holly says she was in her post! I tackled my bunnies in three stages - the cutting, the machine-sewing and then the hand-sewing and stuffing. My Dutchman was on hand to help with the cutting stage, which was great, as usually hand-made gifts to our friends are gifted from ‘us', even though his hands have had no part in it! These bunnies, however, were a team effort.

Two of the babies that these bunnies were destined for were actually previous brides that I helped with wedding sewing and preparation. Anna and Robert’s French extraordinaire featured upcycled vintage sheets as tablecloths and restyled vintage dresses (you can see one of them here), whereas Quyet and Edwin’s romantic summer wedding was all about beautiful sunshine, bling hair-flowers and the hemming of a stunning embroidered silk gown.  I had remnants of fabrics from both of these special events, and so decided to incorporate these for some sentimentality. One bunny features the vintage linen tablecloths/sheets as her ear fabric, and another boasts beautiful embroidered silk vines from the trimmed wedding dress hem. Naw.

I love how super excited they look. They’re all, “Hooray! We’re bunnies!”

Another bonus was that I got to strike another pinned project off my list. I have tried very hard to Stop Pinning and Start Making, which is oh so difficult when you’re up surfing Pinterest late at night... so these little bunnies are also saying, “Hooray for Actually Doing Stuff!”

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