Tuesday, March 15, 2016


I love seeing my creative work pop up places, and I was super excited to see my very own hand-sewn vintage sailor suit reproduction gracing the pages of a Rotterdam newspaper for the annual Harbour Hop Lindy Hop extravaganza this March.

Cees and Dolinde in the ‘paper!

My friend Cees brought me an original US sailor suit a couple of years back to see if I could make a ‘danceable’ version. Without dissembling the original, I used it to make a template, then a pattern, widening the pant legs to be more in  keeping with a 30/40s era, and making it taller to fit the Dutch frame. I chose a light-weight, breathable polyester blend that had the tiniest of stretch, is super washable and doesn’t really show sweat (very important for the amount of dancing it was going to see!).  Finally, I reused the original badges, stripes and whatnot to finish it off. It was a challenge, and I loved every minute!

Of course, the handsome Cees rocks his suit so well. I love that you’re getting so much wear out of it, Cees! As seen is the various Lindy Hop pics that keep popping up in my Facebook newsfeed. And yes. That’s me as a giant banana, Halloween last year ;-)

photo credit Sara Pista - www.sarpista.com
photo credit - Me!
photo credit Dolinde Van Beek
photo credit - Dolinde Van Beek

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