Friday, April 8, 2016

Taking Stock: April

Pip from Meet Me At Mikes does this great reflective thing, and I love to do it as well. So much so that this month I’m actually going to get my Dutchman to do it too. Then we’re going to open a bottle of red and talk through our lists for a TV-free date night :-)

What do you like to do for date night? Netflix and couch snuggles are great, but can be very disconnecting after a while. We’re trying to bring more conversation and less tech back into our lives.

Making: Crochet blankets. Little by little, for two years now! 
Cooking: Lamb sausages, mash and gravy for dinner.
Drinking: Less tea than usual. I've been finding that it gives me a metallic taste in the mouth. Does anyone else get this? 
Reading: Just finished "The Miniaturist" by Jessie Burton. So good! I love that it is set in Amsterdam in the 1680s and the places they talk about in the novel are still standing now. And the dollhouse that inspired the story is on display in the Rijksmuseum, so I'm planning a visit there soon.
Wanting: Better weather. More sunshine. 
Looking: at dream rental properties online. Getting closer and closer to wanting to move back to Queensland! The AMS weather really doesn't help. 
Playing: with the cat at odd hours. She's most playful at 11pm or midnight, and the downstairs neighbours must hate her scrabbly paws racing around trying to catch a feather on a stick.
Deciding: on our itinerary for a long weekend in Rome! I still can't believe that we got return airfares for  €100. 
Wishing: that the Australian government and opposition weren't so shitty. And nasty. And that people would just be nice to each other.
Enjoying: watching my Dutchman plant out his cuttings and seedlings in our roof garden.
Waiting: for the new season of The Mindy Project!
Liking: any cute animal picture on Facebook. 
Wondering: What is happening just around the corner from my house? I can hear a man singing (badly) and someone announcing things over a microphone. Might have to go for a walk to investigate.
Loving: my Dutchman and my Squish. 
Pondering: the best layout for our attic room. It needs to be long-term storage, Sander's workshop, freezer and linen storage as well as guest room. A lot of jobs for a 12m2 space!
Considering: doing one of those "prepare 7 meals in advance" meal plans. Does anyone do this? 
Buying: Absolutely nothing until payday. But I really need some new wool to continue work on my crochet rugs.
Watching: Right now? Escape to the Country. What is it about this show? I love it, even though we don't have any interest in moving to the UK.
Hoping: that the warmer weather comes soon, and brings with it better health. 
Marvelling: at how quickly I need to vacuum again.
Cringing: at the state of my floors. Seriously need to vacuum. 
Needing: Warmer weather so that I can wear DRESSES!
Questioning: if the populations of Australia and the US actually support the values of Turnball, Pyne and Trump, or if there is just a whole heap of ignorance, or good people remaining (or being kept) silent.
Smelling: Earl Grey tea. Despite my vow to drink less ;-)
Wearing: Trackie dacks. All the time. 
Following: Brisbane artist Sarah Hickey on Facebook. Sooooooo beautiful. I haven’t wanted to be a lady in a painting this much since Mucha! When I’m rich I’m going to commission a portrait of me and Squishy.

Hickey, S. 2016. ''The Starlet''

Noticing: little buds coming out on the big tree out the back. Hooray for green!
Knowing: that I'll feel more well when the weather is better. But also knowing that the weather here is impacting on my quality of life, and we need to do something about that.
Thinking: about nothing much for very long. Slippery, tired brain!
Admiring: the colours and workmanship of our beautiful Kantha quilt bought in India. I love it so much.
Sorting: Giant piles of washing.
Getting: sleepy. It's naptime, but I've had some insomnia lately so I'm trying to push through.
Bookmarking: fresh, simple recipes. I'd love to add some new basics to our rotation.
Coveting: the neighbour's great wooden deck and outside space. Ours is still in production! 
Disliking: How I've really fallen behind with the housework. 
Opening: Windows and doors to let in fresh air. Because it's not icy air anymore :-)
Giggling: at Squishy. She's so bloody funny. And inelegant. 
Feeling: Sleepy. Maybe I should have that nap.
Snacking: on Popcorn! We rediscovered microwave popcorn last week, and I've been waiting all week for us to snack on this and watch a movie again this weekend.
Helping: Sander with the housework. Tomorrow morning, we'll get it done together!
Hearing: Squishy making wookie sounds in her sleep. Best.


  1. Hi Nissa! I enjoyed reading your Taking Stock list, found it via Pip's blog. I totally enjoy Escape to the Country too! I actually feel kind of embarrassed about how much I like it, because I don't watch much TV or any lifestyle shows, but this one I love. Why? I think it's the people. They are all real, genuine people, or couples, who have these interesting aspirations for why they want to move to the country. So it's kind of an examination of people's wants and personalities, class, what's happening in their the hosts are nice and the houses are interesting. It's got the winning formula! Thanks for sharing x

    1. Thanks for reading! You're right, it's so interesting to hear other "normal" people's stories and aspirations. I also love pretending that I'm buying the house and get to decorate it. I'm a sucker for house decorating!